Slumber party success

IMG_5144.JPGEver since Lily’s 6th birthday, she’s been planning for her 7th. The days just can’t go quickly enough for her. Meanwhile they can’t go slow enough for me. I don’t want her to grow up so fast but like she keeps telling me, she can’t help that and damn it she’s right.

So her 7th birthday steam rolled ahead and before I knew it I was saying farewell to my little 6 year-old one night and singing happy birthday to my 7 year-old the next morning.

She was so excited about turning a year older she could hardly sleep. And she was even more excited about her birthday party on the weekend when we would have seven girls for a slumber party. Yes, I know, hubby and I must be crazy but despite moments of chaos, seeing this bunch of girls have so much fun made it all worthwhile.

I think the winning formula for the event was making sure we had an itinerary, keeping the girls busy and letting them know what the plan was. Changing up the venue when we went on an “excursion” also helped, so they didn’t go stir crazy in the one location. And of course letting them know who was boss so that they understood this was no Lord of the Flies experiment was key as well.

First we had game time – Twister and Apple Dunking which ended up like a backyard bath which they loved. Then some free play time in Lily’s upstairs studio which sounded more like a competition of who could screech the loudest. Then icecream birthday cake and opening of presents.

IMG_5069We then changed venues, walking to a nearby nail salon where the girls were treated to a mani-pedi spa treatment. It was more like a mini tornado swept through the salon, with other customers looking at us parents with a combination of sympathy and admiration.

IMG_5117.JPGDinner was right next door at an Italian restaurant where the girls inhaled pizzas before we walked back home.

Somehow I managed to shower 7 girls in under 25 minutes – one of my proudest mummy moments I reckon. The girls then settled down to watch Sing, a movie Lily chose beforehand so there was no 15-minute debate about what to watch.

Then it was off to La La Land – slumber time. And guess what – after their busy schedule and no sugar since the afternoon birthday cake, those girls drifted off within half an hour.

The next morning the girls were treated to pancakes, bacon and maple syrup – a good old fashioned Canadian breakfast. Then we played a couple more games including musical statues. Before pick up time we walked up to a nearby park for a play so by the time we got home, parents were already arriving.

IMG_5204.JPGIt was one of the easiest parties to organise and host but yes, it definitely required a focused parenting “presence”. And hats off to all those parents who have more than three similar ages kids. To do that every day would require so much effort. Our little one night effort just wouldn’t compare but I’m still chalking it up as a victory.

Now I guess we start planning for the 8th birthday party but in the meantime I want to enjoy having a 7 year old for as long as I can.