Beachin’ good time

Lily, me and my hubby recently spent some holiday time at Dongara/Port Denison, which is about 3 hours north of Perth. We stayed at the Seaspray Caravan Park which is in Dongara and spent a lot of time at the local beaches including the one shown in this photo which is just south of Dongara.  The caravan park was more of a glamping experience rather than “roughing it” as we had our own ensuite bathroom near our patch of grass. It made tent camping a lot easier and more comfortable. Our original intention was to do bush camping east of Esperance but the weather was going to be horrible in the Esperance area so hence we drove north instead. We do intend going bush camping again sometime soon.

Dongara beach time - Jan 2019
South Beach, which is south of Port Denison, January 2019

We were able to take our puppy Schnitzel with us on the camping trip. Schnitzel is a miniature schnauzer that we added to our family in late September when she 8 weeks old. She was born August 2 2018 and she has been a great addition to our family, but she is most definitely a lot of hard work. Lily had been bugging us to get a dog for a few years and I finally made the commitment last year (2018). Lily has been quite good with keeping up her end of the bargain to be involved in taking her for regular walks and toilet breaks and playing with her. Lily still wishes she had a sibling but well, this is the next best thing. Here’s a sunrise photo at the beach at Dongara near our camping place.

Schnitzel - Jan 2019
Dongara beach, January 2019


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