Lily & Mummy’s Marmalade

Lily & Mummy's Marmalade
Our first batch of marmalade was a success.

When we moved to our new place earlier this year, there was a large orange tree with an abundance of green oranges a long way from ripening. I figured when they’d ripen Lily and I would set up a little stall on a curb-side and sell some oranges. A kind of exercise in commerce and retailing.

But as we waited…and waited for our oranges to get sweeter, it occurred to me that they’d never get sweet and that perhaps we had Seville oranges. After some google research, I discovered Seville oranges are ideal for making traditional marmalade. I’m not 100pc certain our tree produces Seville oranges but what the heck, I decided to put our oranges to good use anyway.

Let’s be clear at this point, I’ve never made marmalade before in my life. When I was a little girl, I used to help my mum make jam on the family farm up in the hills of Perth. So perhaps it was imprinted in me somehow. “In my bones” as they say. Lily and I picked some oranges that were ready to be pulled off the tree and earlier this week after intense research to find the recipe we liked the most, I got busy in the kitchen.

I’m happy to report that our first batch was a complete success. We’re now providing marmalade to friends and family and Lily is super excited about being able to be involved in turning something that grows on a tree into something yummy in a jar that puts a real smile on people’s faces. Of course now she wants us to make marmalade cake and marmalade muffins and marmalade cookies. Hmm, maybe.

3 thoughts on “Lily & Mummy’s Marmalade

  1. Jeremy and I enjoyed your marmalade on toast thismorning. Can I just say, I’m not a huge marmalade fan, but yours was insanely good!!! I’m already looking forward to breakfast tomorrow morning. Jeremy and I are trying to work out why it tastes so good – I think that it’s Lily and Mummy’s love that makes it so sweet. x


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