Welcome to Lily & Mummy’s Escapades

Lily and me at Lily's 5th birthday party, with our orange tree in the background...our orange tree that was soon to lead to our Marmalade Project.
Lily and me at Lily’s 5th birthday party. In the background is our orange tree that was soon going to lead us to our Marmalade Project.

Welcome to Lily & Mummy’s Escapades – a site where my 5-year-old daughter Lily and I will share with you our various projects and adventures, and no doubt some misadventures along the way.

We’ll try our hand at some “home-made” projects, and share our travel adventures, whether in our city of Perth, Western Australia, or overseas. We’ll get our hands dirty with some farming projects at “Grandpa Farmer’s place”. And we’ll do our best to make our community a better place by doing volunteer work and getting involved in our school community.

We’ll hopefully have some help along the way from some of Lily’s little friends and I’ll try to drag my friends into the occasional project, and maybe even my husband…who knows, crazier things have happened 😉

We’re not that different to many families all over the world and this blog is not to prove otherwise. But what I hope is that by having this blog site, it can be a platform for encouraging my daughter to be an active participant of our local community and the global community so that she can grow up feeling she belongs and that what we do has some meaning in the bigger scheme of things.

So let the journey begin!



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