Lily’s marmalade painting

While I was preparing another batch of marmalade on the weekend, Lily got busy painting – one of her all time favourite activities. This is her first effort at a marmalade painting for our pretend marmalade shop. Three giant jars of marmalade sitting under our orange tree with a ladder to the side. She’d pick oranges every day if she could.

Lily's marmalade painting
Lily’s marmalade painting

Her other favourite activity is being a joker. Here’s a little video of her in the process of making her marmalade painting. Listen to how she describes the marmalade – a classic case of “kids say the darnedest things!”. Check out the separate page called “Lily-isms” – where she’s joking or mucking around, or just having a good laugh about something. The “Lily-isms” page leads with a video of her laughing her head off when she was a baby…and she still has that some contagious cackle today. I’ll be adding some more videos and snippets to “Lily-isms” soon.

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