From dolphins to turtles

Lily, me and hubby had an extended Easter holiday along WA’s Coral Coast, spending a week at Coral Bay, our favourite WA holiday spot, and stopping along the way for some sightseeing.

Kalbarri’s coastline

First we drove up to Kalbarri for some sight seeing at the national park. Nature’s “window” was closed but we enjoyed some other coastal spots.

The next day we drove to Monkey Mia to hang out with the dolphins. We had a great little cabin by the beach, as part of the Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort. The water in the bay was super flat so we all gave stand-up paddling a go for a bit of fun.

Monkey Mia – Lily made up for the lack of actual monkeys

In the morning, Lily got to feed a dolphin which she was super excited about. She thought she’d be able to swim with them as well, so um, there was some expectation management involved there 🙂

Feeding the dolphins

Next stop was our final destination – Coral Bay – where we had a villa overlooking the bay. This is our favourite all-time spot in WA. It’s a great beach for kids as the water is always flat, and there is snorkelling just a few strokes off the beach. It’s one of those spots where you can do as much or as little as you want.

On one of the days we did a beach buggy adventure ride, ripping along some dune tracks south of Coral Bay where we got to see some turtles and had an awesome snorkel at Five Finger Reef where there were so many amazing fish and beautiful coral.

One of Lily’s Coral Bay highlights was hanging out with local artist Sadie James who does inspiring artwork that captures the coastline and sea life in creative ways. She’s also written a kids book with great illustrations about a whale shark and she has another book on the way.

Lily with Coral Bay artist Sadie James –

I reckon a nice big canvas painting from Sadie would look great in our newly renovated living room as a reminder of the great times we always have up here. See you in another two years Coral Bay.

Glorious sunset at Coral Bay

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